Is apex listener free? - ORDS, SODA & JSON in the Database

Hi, is apex listener a free product like apex? 

Yes it is.


About configuring the Oracle APEX Listener with Oracle SQL Developer

I have a Oracle11gR2 SE database with a running Oracle APEX on it.
I would like to use the Oracle APEX Listener instead of the EPG ato access the application.
A the same time, I would like to be able to implement load balancing and caching.
I have found in the Configuring Oracle Application Express Listener E25066005 a mention to SQL Developer to administer the APEX listener.
I was unable to find relevant information in the SQL Developer guide for the configuration of the APEX listener.
Does someone has experience with such configuration, and where to find an example of configuration?
Thanks by advance.
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Have a look at this blog; 
Thanks. My apolgies for the delay.
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I come back to this post.
I still don't understand how to set up for instance the load balancing for APEX using SQL Developer.
Does someone has any tips experience with it?
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After having installed SQL Developer - separately - it is OK... I thought it was part of the APEX software or included in it.

how to use java with apex

hi all,
i m using apex 4.1 and the database is oracle *11g* i want to know how to use the java (servlet,jsp,all technologies of java in apex ) and what i have to do to use the java in apex please guide me
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This forum is dedicated to the ApexListener, which is an application (war) deployed standalone or on a J2EE container, and forms the web tier for accessing APEX. The Apex forum is here {forum:id=137}.
When posting in APEX forum, it will help if you elaborate on what exactly you are trying to accomplish. Are you wanting to integrate Java technologies to extent that they are called / invoked from Apex? Or, are you trying to do something more?
Remember that APEX is a PL/SQL API for the most part. Java on the other hand is a 3GL and does much more than web application development e.g., socket/TCPIP listeners, applets (custom user agents) , etc.
So please be more specific about your requirement, I do not think there is a simple "one size fits all" solution here.
hi Prabodh,
Thanks for the reply,
I am new to apex and i had done few reports with sql and pl/sql.but i want to use java in apex.
actually i want to use the java in apex is that possible, if its possible then what i have to do or directly i can use it,
more specifically if i say how to configure the web server with apex listener and what are the requirements, as u suggested i will post this message on apex forum also .
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how to configure the web server with apex listener and what are the requirements,
You will find the details here.
Note that Apex and ApexListener are two completely different things.

How-to install FOP in Apex Listener 2.0 with glassfish

I need to develop a PDF report in APEX 4.2.1. I want to use FOP. My setup is Apex Listener 2.0, Glassfish 3.1.2. According to the documentation, I should be able to use FOP with that setup. But there's no documentation that explain how to install/configure FOP with Apex Listener 2.0
Please check below link.... i hope its work....
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Shishir Tekade.
My Blog: 
By checking in
Apex admin -> Manage Instance -> instance Setting -> Report Printing
I found that we can now choose "Oracle Apex Listener" and no setup need to be done for Report Printing
In glassfish WEB-INF/lib directory, fop.jar and xmlparser files are already there.
I'll test that.
Thank you
Per Apex 4.2 docs [] using Listener 2.0 is all that is needed to configure basic printing option on the Instance Settings. 
It's what I try first. But, I get a a ORA-06513 when my style-sheet template get over 32K.
I backed to the standard FOP installation as explain in that post by Shishir Tekade and it works.
Thanks for your report, we'll look into the issue with data > 32K

apex listener2.0 http://<host>:<port>/apex/listenerConfigure page not found

I got APEX listener 2.0 configured as standalone (no RESTFul service account configured yet).
the GUI via http://<host>:<port>/apex/listenerConfigure shows page not found. Base on installation document apex listener 2.0 should has both command line and GUI admin tools.
How to get page http://<host>:<port>/apex/listenerConfigure show up?
Hello Robin,
what makes you sure
http://<host>:<port>/apex/listenerConfigureis the GUI for APEX Listener 2.0?
Actually, I don't see any hint on that URL in APEX Listener 2.0 EA documentation. Rather I see the recommendation to use SQL Developer 3.2 to have a GUI for APEX Listener configuration...
You are so right. I was wrong for it. I after I go to download page then click document tap on that page. I assumed it was the document for 2.0 but actually it is for listener 1.1 document.
Is there any document about how to use SQL developer to configure it with GUI?
Is there any document about how to use SQL developer to configure it with GUI?Unfortunately, the EA documentation doesn't include this, but just the following
Tip You can also use Oracle SQL Developer to configure Oracle Application Express Listener. Please consult Oracle SQL Developer documentation for more information.
Which means, you have to take a look at [url]the corresponding section of that document.
Thank you for the answer. I'm fine with using command line. I tried SQL developer but have not managed to connect to it yet.

oracle forms 10g migration from oracle application express

I know that there is a tool for convert from forms to application express
but i'am asking for the reverse convert is there a tool from oracle or third party
thanks in advance 
this forum is dedicated to APEX Listener, a web server alternative to host your APEX instance. For general questions on APEX, you should post in {forum:id=137}. You'll find a much broader audience there...
To answer your question here anyway: I don't know of any tool to convert an APEX application to a Forms application.
P. S. Please mark this thread as answered, even if you don't try to repost in the APEX forum. 
iam sorry for putting thread in the wrong section