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I need help with installing the ODBC driver for Win 2008 64-bit. I'm not really familiar with Oracle products but anyway I was asked to install the driver. I downloaded Oracle 11g ODAC which includes the Oracle ODBC Driver from this link http://www.oracle.com/technology/software/tech/windows/odpnet/index.html. I only needed the ODBC driver so that's what I selected during installation (plus one other required component). The installation was successful but when I go into ODBC admin to add a new data source I don't see the Oracle driver. I probably downloaded the wrong software. Can someone point me to the right direction? Thanks.


I have got Win 10 (32bit). For Oracle Database 12c, do I have to install Win 64 bit or can I use Oracle Database 11c?

HiI have got Win 10 (32bit). For Oracle Database 12c, do I have to install Win 64 bit or can I use Oracle Database 11c?
You can't install Oracle Database 12c 64-bit on a 32-bit Windows operating system. You must install a 32-bit version of the Oracle Database instead on your system. There is no Oracle Database 12c 32-bit version available, so instead install Oracle Database 11g R2 ( for Microsoft Windows (32-bit). From the Setup the Database page, Step 1 Download Oracle Database 12c, click that link and scroll down to the Oracle Database 11g Release 2 section on that page and locate the download links for Microsoft Windows (32-bit) and go from there.  A reply to a similar question in the community forum states using 11g R2 will work fine for this course: I have Oracle Database 11g. Can I still take up the course? 
Hi Nandi, Just ensure you edit the setup scripts accordingly before you execute them. Regards-A

JDBC with Oracle 7.34

I'm looking for a JDBC driver (for both Win2k and Solaris) which can be used to connect to an Oracle 7.34 database. Does anybody know where I can download one for free? I have tried the Oracle website, but there are only drivers for Oracle 8 and 9 available.

ODBC data sources on Solaris for x86

I want to use Solaris x86(of course), Apache, MySQL and a language known as iHTML for creating dynamic database driven web sites.
iHTML requires an ODBC data source to do this.
While I can download MySQL for x86, MyODBC does not show a version available for Solaris x86.
How can I set up an ODBC datasource pointing to a MySQL database on Solaris for x86?
Scott Brown

Download  Oracle 64bit ODBC Windows Client

We need Download  Oracle 64bit ODBC Windows Client  - is there somewhere to just download the client and not the entire Oracle software. We have have support.
Hi, Yes, you can just download the Client. Because you did not specify which Oracle Database version you have, take a look at this note, and look under  64-bit Oracle Client Installation:  :How To Install Both 32-bit and 64-bit ODP, OLEDB, And ODBC Oracle Software on 64-bit Windows (Doc ID 795602.1)Hope that helps,Cheryl 

SQL server odbc driver install

i need to create a dblink from Oracle to MSSQL and I need to install a sql server odbc driver. what is the recommended driver to install on Oracle Linux 7 and where can i get it? thanks