Oracle Communications Data Model reference customers - Communications Data Model

Do we have any reference customers for Communications Data Model ??

Dear Abhijat,
We currently have 2 reference customers: Hong Kong Broadband (APAC) and AVEA (EMEA). We have some partners who have run a POC in Japan and were really positively surprised how quickly and extensive it was. For contact to any of those, please contact the Product Manager, Axel Pieuchot.


Introducing myself in the MOOC Community

Hello everyone, My name is Thanassis Papadimitriou and I work in telecommunications industry in Greece as Oracle DBA and System Infrastructure Admin in Operations Department.I take this opportunity to refresh my memory about PL/SQL. I did attend 9i PL/SQL in past. With Regards,Thanassis
Hello Everyone, This is Venkatesh Pannur and I wanted to take this opportunity to refresh my SQL fundamentals. Thanks!
Hi, I am Pawel from Poland, working in BT OnePhone in the UK as a Data Specialist. Developing and operating large information systems based on Oracle for last 20 years. Expecting to refresh my PL/SQL. Cheers,Pawel
There is already an official thread to introduce each one: Introduce yourself.

Introduce Yourself to the MOOC group.

Hi, my name is Robert, I work at Central Bank of Honduras as database administrator.  I know some PL/SQL code , and  I would like to improve my developer level in pl / sql
Hi Robert,My name is Khris andI too have signed up for the PL/SQL class. I have some experience with Oracle SQL Developer and good tSQL skills.
Welcome Robert to the group.My name is Kailash and I know some PL/SQL and would definitely like to enhance my knowledge with this course.
Hi, I am Pawel from Poland, working in BT OnePhone in the UK as a Data Specialist. Developing and operating large information systems based on Oracle for last 20 years. Expecting to refresh my PL/SQL. Cheers,Pawel

Worldwide IDM setup - scalability

Anyone knows how IDM be deployed in a multi-national global context with 40+ countries ?
Is a central IDM implementation the only way to achieve a global solution ?
Are decentralised implementations possible ?
Thanks for your advise 
+ can IDM servers be specialized ?
one for the workflow engine, another for adpters, ... ?
Help ;-) 
What about SPML ?
You could use it to forward SJSIM data on another regional server. However you may loose in control, workflow might not be integrated
This would definitely not work for reconciliation
No reply = no scalability ?
Or no experts have implemented it already ??
When looking in SUN sample customers, there is no global implementation... most implementations are US only or regional ones
I begin to doubt ;-( 
Any global customer reference ? 
Frankly, if you look at it, you will understand that Waveset was not scalable in 2003, nor is SUN solution today !
Virtual identity & Agentless are the root cause of the low scalability
It is said to be advantages but you can see the other side of it
On SUN's customers slides, you will find a lot of American customers whose setup was very centric. Look for global customers, they are not there 
Buddy i think you are wrong on this one. I know personally of several major (huge) telcos, insurance companies, banks and manufacturing industries in Europe, Asia and Australia that have implemented IDM thru out their entire enterprise.
Problem is that Sun aquired Waveset in December 2003, and before that waveset only had a limited amout of partners outside of the US. However the presence is/was strong in germany and the UK.
Virtual directory concept is just as scalable as meta directory concept.... 
Well, sure there are implementations in Australia, Asia, Europe, ... but they are local implementations (to the country) : Telstra in Australia, Telecom Italia, Insurance/bank in Germany ...
The bottleneck of the virtual identity model in a worldwide setup is:
1) The WAN traffic. Imagine, one source is in NY (HR), another in London (Compliance) and the target provisionning system is in Tokyo (AD). Each time you use the workflow or just display the user page, requests fly over the globe
2) The virtual identity datastore cannot be replicated over the world. Seems you can attach only one RDBMS instance
Unless it has changed recently ?
I share the point of view that if you want to go global, then usage & provisionning resources becomes an issue 
I was working with a global financial institution and we suggested implementation of multiple instances (3 with one each for US, Europe and Asia). The idea was to have approval and provisioning sub-workflows which are invoked using the adapters (or SPML if you prefer). Even though we have not yet started on that particular piece, it was something most of us thought doable. 
Even though Sun does not publically post it as a big rerefence, GM uses IDM to assist in their provisioning and workflows through out the world and to their various portals for e.g their retired staff, dealers etc - so there are sites. So this is a truely world wide setup.
Vodafone is having a european grand scale deployment...


Hi all of you, my name is Moussa and I work as database developer at Polish governement Agencji for rural development.  I would like herewith to improve my knowledge in Oracle technologie.
Hi, I am Pawel from Poland, working in BT OnePhone in the UK as a Data Specialist. Developing and operating large information systems based on Oracle for last 20 years. Expecting to refresh my PL/SQL. Cheers,Pawel
There is already an official thread to introduce each one: Introduce yourself.

UDS Sessions at Sun Network Conference

At the upcoming Sun Network Conference in San Francisco, September 16-18 2003, Sun will conduct a
"Birds-of-a-Feather" session focused specifically on the Sun ONE UDS product, (formerly Forte 4GL). We encourage you to attend.
You can get more information about the conference overall, including registration information at:
The UDS session will be held on September 18 from 1-3 p.m. This session will focus on the road map for UDS as well as strategies, products, and services for migration from UDS to J2EE and the Sun ONE Application Server. Members of the UDS product team and Sun Professional Services will conduct this session and be available for Q&A. This session will cover both business as well as technical issues.
Other UDS sessions may also be added to the agenda. Please monitor this forum for updates.
If you have questions or comments, please email them to:
Hope to see you at the conference.
The UDS product team
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I have just browsed
and could not find any reference to Forte/UDS. Why? Are we getting closer to the end? 
Good to know about the Sun Network conference. Would Sun talk about the services for Migration from UDS to J2EE and Sun One Application Server as mentioned? This is very interesting. Guess, this is for the first time Sun has mentioned about migration.
By now, you may have guessed what it means... 
Services for Migration from UDS to J2EE will be discussed.
Shortly after the conference, all the information presented there will be made available via the web, email, and other channels for those who are not able to attend. 
Is this the implies that everybody in Forte should be thinking and Plan to migrate on J2EE?
Will UDS 5.1 will be last version supported by SUN?
Srikanth Koppisetty
Seems to be so..But thats not the question.
Question is - "How long is UDS Supported?"
So Srikanth - Time to learn J2EE :)
And again... be ready for surprises... 
We will probably have discussions about UDS, support issues, as also methodologies for migration and companies offering the best options for migration initiatives 
That does not change the fact that there is no mention of UDS or Forte at
Anyways, I am already in the J2EE camp... :-) 
Amen to that, Roberto!
Surprisingly we still don't see Forte or UDS on the site though a slot has already been fixed for UDS (Sept 18).
What we probably WILL see soon is an exodus to J2EE 
Is that an official statement? 
Hi Folks,
September 18th is not far away.
So lets wait and watch rather than pressing panic button.
The UDS Birds of a Feather Session at the Sun Network Conference will take place on September 18 from 1-3 p.m. at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, room 250 of the south mezzanine.
Because of logistical difficulties, this BOF may not appear on the official web site for the conference, but it will take place.
We hope to see you on the 18th.
The UDS product team 
For those of us that won't be able to make it to the session, where will the contents of the session be posted?